Friday, 24 May 2013

About racism


Last week the Washington Post published a report about racism worldwide and Hong Kong, the town where I am currently living, was mentioned as one of the most racist places on the planet. Later in the week the world map got corrected as mistakes were made, but still 26.8% of Hong Kong people would not want their neighbour to be of a different race.

This was always hard for me to understand: how can you dislike a whole race of people? I mean come on; you can dislike a person for several reasons, but a whole race?

Let’s try a spiritual approach to “racism”:

FIRST and foremost you have to understand that we all come from the same Source. In a way you can say that we all have the same Mother/Father, which makes us all brothers and sisters.

SECONDLY I believe strongly in the concept of SOUL, meaning we all have a SOUL and your Soul has send you into this lifetime and into this physical body to experience and to grow. BUT, and this is the point I want to make here, you do not only experience this lifetime in this body but many other lifetimes as well. And while you do so, you often choose different life-situations and places where you reside. So you can imagine that you have experienced many different cultures and belonged to many different races in your own experiences.  So on this basis > how can you dislike a different race?

And THIRDLY I want to emphasise that we are not only coming from the same Source, sharing the same Divine Spark within us, we are also connected and from the spiritual viewpoint WE ARE ONE.

Our SOUL’S are strongly connected and part of ALL-THAT-IS. Whatever you do for somebody else you are doing at the same time for yourself; whatever you are doing against somebody else you are doing against yourself.

Based on that my life motto is: be open and welcoming to everybody no matter where they are coming from and what colour their skin has. Often they can give you a different perspective on life or on certain issue and most often they will be friendly and welcoming if you treat them in a positive manner.  

Remember your divinity.


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