Tuesday, 18 December 2012

About us...

Well, how to start our blog?


Best to introduce ourselves first :-)

About Us

We are three professionals, living and working in Hong Kong, who came together because of a shared interest in spirituality. We have each pursued our own spiritual practices for many years, and have come to understand that a profound change is taking place on our planet. It is a time of great opportunity for those who desire to expand their awareness beyond the physical plane and connect to divine energies, in order to live fuller and more satisfying lives.

Our free online course (www.spiritworld.com.hk ) is intended for anyone with an interest in exploring his or her own inner nature, pursuing healing and inner growth, or understanding the relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds.

We invite you at any time to ask questions, offer your feedback, or share your experiences.

Kathleen, an American, works as a journalist and editor and has lived for many years in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Barry, an Australian, is a teacher and author; for the past eight years he has been working as a NET teacher in a secondary school in Hong Kong.

Ole,  a German, is managing the Asian Buying Offices for a large European retailer; he has lived in Hong Kong with his family for the past six years.

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